NEW YORK, NY — The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) International has formed the ASME Standards Technology Institute (STI). According to the organization, the institute was established to assist ASME codes and standards committees in the development, dissemination, and maintenance of technically relevant codes and standards. The institute will offer research and technical support throughout the entire development phase of the standards process.

The new STI will operate under the Society’s Council on Codes and Standards to ensure that research needed for future development and maintenance of ASME codes and standards will be readily available. ASME says that it aims to enhance equipment reliability, as well as industrial, manufacturing, and public safety.

The institute also says that it will identify opportunities for partnering and establishing joint arrangements with technical organizations around the world. The STI will support ASME’s system of volunteer consensus standards committees, while providing an additional pool of volunteers to serve as dedicated members of the institute’s research committees.

The newly appointed board of directors says that the first group of research committees is being established to manage the initial technical work of the institute. More committees will be announced in the future to address research of all areas of codes and standards.

Publication date: 07/01/2002