WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN — Contractors 2000, an association of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing contractors, will offer six business training courses simultaneously in one location this October in Nashville, TN.

The event is a first for Contractors 2000, and it is being called “Super Training Week.”

“This new concept of conducting a Super Training Week will bring a greater opportunity [for our members] to learn and grow their businesses,” said Greg Niemi, president and CEO for the organization. “These courses are nearly all new to our members.” Niemi says that by bringing all of the courses to one location and running the courses concurrently, the association is able to offer members more variety at a reduced cost.

The event will include the association’s Gold Star Management Academy, which focuses on effective management techniques for service managers, and a revamped Marketing Masters Academy, which will cover the benefits of market positioning, defining prospects most likely to buy, tracking methods, marketing objectives, and strategies. Participants can also take part in a Train the Trainer course, or Contractors 2000’s Open Book Management course.

New courses for Contractors 2000 include Top Gun Sales Management and Business Owners School of Success (BOSS).

For more information, call 888-609-5490 or visit www.contractors2000.com (website).

Publication date: 08/19/2002