Two new families of solid-state power relays, the Series L and the Series E3PT, are available. According to the company, Series L delivers outputs to 25 A, 280 VAC, and Series E3PT offers three-phase output to 50 A, 520 VAC. Designed for industrial applications, the Series L is intended principally for on-off control of medium-power equipment, interfacing microprocessor controls to AC loads, heating control, and test and medical equipment, the company says. Series E3PT is meant for heating control, motor control, and three-phase industrial and process control. The manufacturer says Series L relays offer low- and high-DC voltage control range and zero-cross turn-on in an ultraminiature package designed for PC board mounting. An optional thermal pad may be installed to eliminate the need for thermal grease when mounting onto a heat sink, the company says. Each Series E3PT relay includes a standard control LED for visual control status and is touchproof for user safety, the manufacturer states.

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