Shown from left to right are: Elizabeth L. Shearer, director of the Federal Energy Management Program; David K. Garman, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy; Robert Albertini, Exelon Services Federal Group; Robert G. Card, Under Secretary of Energy, Science and Environment, Department of Energy; Jed Brown, associate director for Operations Support, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; Steve Krstulovich, UESC program manager, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; and Steve Webster, Fermi Laboratory Area Office, Department of Energy.
BATAVIA, IL — Exelon Services Federal Group received a Department of Energy (DOE) 2002 Departmental Energy Management Award in honor of outstanding achievements in energy and water management for the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) Pumping Retrofit Project.

One of the Federal Group’s team members, Steve Barstatis, together with four Fermilab employees were honored with a group award for their success in this project. The DOE just celebrated 23 years of energy efficiency recognition through its Energy Management Awards Ceremony that honored a select few on their progress toward meeting federal energy management goals by reducing energy costs and implementing innovative technologies at specific sites across the United States. There were over 50 DOE projects nominated; only two individuals and six group awards were extended.

Exelon Services Federal Group, through its offices in Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Washington, DC-area, has provided products, services, and turnkey solutions to a variety of federal agencies worldwide including DOD, DOE, DOI, GSA, and the VA for more than 14 years.

Exelon Services is an integrated construction and service, energy service, and technology company dedicated to the selling and delivery of facility solutions for commercial, industrial, healthcare, government, and educational customers.

Publication date: 12/23/2002