The Sweeper Power Brush system has an air-driven motor that spins dual custom brushes for cleaning square and rectangular ducting. According to the company, it cleans all four sides of the duct at once, including the corners. The reversible air motor spins at 900 rpm and is guided down the duct with a set of short or tall legs that pivot to adjust the height of the brush unit. The system comes with four standard sizes of brushes — 9, 13, 15, and 19 inches; custom brush sizes and materials are available. The unit runs on 9 CFM at 90 PSI, and the air is delivered to the unit with rigid air poles (20 feet is included in the basic package). Also included is a mounting bracket for a remote video camera for viewing the cleaning process.

Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc., P.O. Box 2256, Houston, TX 77402; 800-288-3828; (website).

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