The Pocket Tech Pro with Pocket Tech software is a portable service tool that provides techs with information to help diagnose equipment problems, perform required service, and improve rooftop unit efficiency. Using the Pocket Tech Pro with Pocket Tech software, a tech can select the unit to be diagnosed, then pick the matching indoor coil. The software also provides the coil adder charge and refrigerant for the line set selected. A repair/replace analysis feature allows a tech to help consumers determine whether repairing their current unit or purchasing a replacement unit is the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet their cooling needs. Another feature provides the tech with a series of questions that ensures all installation requirements and startup options have been met. The data entered in both sections is written to the reporting tool and can be saved for later use. The tool and software have a feature specific to the manufacturer's unit and provide diagnostic support with flashing codes. After entering a fault code number, the tech receives the fault code description, along with troubleshooting, to assist in resolving the fault.

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