The Affinityâ„¢ modulating gas furnace offers an efficiency of 95 percent AFUE. The furnace features a fully modulating gas valve. By varying, or modulating, the gas input and the circulating airflow to closely match the amount of heat needed at any given time, this furnace will deliver maximum performance, comfort, and savings, while minimizing the sound level in the home. The modulating furnace technology is available in both a constant-speed blower configuration and a variable-speed blower configuration. Six different upflow, downflow, and horizontal models can be selected to match airflow and coil sizes, in both a constant-speed permanent split capacitator (PSC) motor or a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) with ClimaTrakâ„¢ technology. The sensors and controls automatically compensate for combustion air supply and exhaust variations, wind gusts, and long vent runs. The unit only needs a standard one heat-one cool thermostat.

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