SACRAMENTO, CA — This summer, Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) customers in Northern California may earn as much as $500 in cash-back rebates on new installations of American Standard cooling and heating systems in their homes.

Homeowners who purchase and install new American Standard Split Systems or Package Units (including TXV valves) and live in designated PG&E climate zones are eligible for rebates. CFM Equipment Distributors, Inc., an American Standard distributor, is taking part in PG&E’s consumer rebate program for the second consecutive year.

CFM Equipment has helped PG&E in promoting this program since its inception in 2001. Nearly 80% of CFM Equipment’s 95 American Standard dealers are currently involved in the program.

The consumer rebate program is designed to encourage homeowners to increase the efficiency of their cooling and heating units by installing new equipment. According to American Standard, high-efficiency units require less energy to operate, thereby reducing energy consumption.

American Standard customers can obtain rebates of $100 to $500 for new cooling and heating equipment, as well as up to an additional $200 for installing a gas furnace with a 92% annual fuel utilization efficiency rating (AFUE).

“This is a great program by PG&E that promotes the use of high-efficiency cooling and heating systems for homes in Northern California,” said Lee Hendrickson, western regional sales manager for American Standard. “As a company, we too are strong advocates of energy conservation.

“CFM Equipment’s dealers themselves do a great job of educating homeowners about the importance of high-efficiency products and the impact they can make on the environment through energy conservation.

“We’re pleased that they can now offer customers rewards (a cash incentive) for taking action.”

Once a new system is purchased and installed, a homeowner submits a copy of PG&E’s “Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program” application to PG&E, along with a home improvement contract detailing the installation, provided by the dealer. Upon receipt of the information, PG&E will mail the rebate directly to the homeowner.

The consumer rebate program began in May and runs through the end of summer 2002.

CFM Equipment Distributors Inc. was established in 1984 in Fresno and here in Sacramento, CA.

Publication date: 09/02/2002