SAN FRANCISCO and CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The latest trend in encouraging clean energy business development is actually a time-honored approach: award a cash prize. Both California and Massachusetts are currently offering significant cash prizes for clean energy business proposals.

The California Clean Tech Open invites the state's entrepreneurs to compete for $50,000 cash prizes in five categories, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and transportation technologies. The winners will also receive professional services, including legal and accounting services, public relations consulting, and one year of office space, while the overall winner will win an additional $50,000. Applications are due by May 19, and the finals will be held in late September.

In Massachusetts, the Ignite Clean Energy Competition - hosted by the MIT Enterprise Forum - is offering $125,000 to the best clean energy business proposal. The competition offers a series of networking, team building, training, and mentoring opportunities that culminate in a competition for the best investor presentations. The 29 semifinalists are proposing to establish businesses involved in solar power, wind power, biofuels, waste energy recovery, and other technologies. The semifinals are scheduled for April 11, and the final competition will be held on May 9.

Publication date: 04/10/2006