ABB's ACH 400 drive.
CHICAGO — The introduction of new harmonic control equipment, 12- and 18-pulse input bridge units, expands ABB’s ACH Drive Low Voltage 400 variable-speed AC drive family and offers a solution for minimizing harmonics in commercial installations where harmonic distortion is a critical consideration, the company says.

The new drives are available in a 10 to 700 hp range at 200 to 480 VAC and are built in Plenum-rated NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures; most units are built to contain both the transformers and drives. When required, transformers are available in separate enclosures.

For applications where lower levels of harmonic distortion are a requirement, ABB offers a Universal Harmonic Filter (UHF) from Mirus, 12- or 18-pulse rectifiers, or an active rectifier.

“The low harmonic distortion solutions deepen and broaden our product range and equip ABB to respond to a host of end-user situations and conditions,” said Jeff Miller, HVAC sales manager for ABB Automation Technologies, Drives, Motors and Machines. “Commercial buildings include an ever-growing number of voltage-sensitive electronic devices — from PCs to sophisticated control systems — that make minimization of harmonics a growing concern for ensuring users’ comfort.”