CHICAGO — Advocates of having an ASHRAE standard require CO monitors to be installed in every home will have to wait another day to fight their fight.

A 2-1/2-hour public meeting here of the ASHRAE SPC 62.2 IAQ Subcommittee presented varied views on the reliability of residential CO detectors. But the presentations came with the understanding that it would be recommended that Standard 62.2P, “Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Low Rise Residential Buildings,” be approved without a requirement that CO alarm devices be installed in residences.

David Grimsrud, a retired University of Minnesota professor who chaired the meeting, said the earliest the monitor-free standard could be approved would be at this summer’s ASHRAE meeting in Kansas City. After that he said the standard would go into the “continuous monitoring” process. “At that point an addenda process could be initiated,” he said, and the detector requirement could be considered as part of an addendum.