WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. - ASTM International has announced that it will hold a mold symposium, "The 2006 Boulder Conference: Bringing Science to Bear on Moisture and Mold in the Built Environment," July 24-28, 2006, at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The conference is sponsored by ASTM Committee D22 on Air Quality and its Subcommittee D22.08 on Sampling and Analysis for Mold.

According to ASTM, problems associated with moisture and mold in the built environment continue to be a key issue. While the science of mold is still in its infancy, some progress has and is being made in the areas of assessment, remediation, and prevention. Solutions are coming from a variety of disciplines and there are a number of professional organizations (within and outside the United States) and a few government agencies devoting resources to the effort. However, there is a three-fold problem. Many practitioners are not aware of new information, much of the new information has not been converted to applied science, and there is a lack of standardization in sampling, laboratory, and assessment methodology.

The objective of this conference is to gather and disseminate the most recent information that can be used to improve efforts in preventing, recognizing, evaluating, and addressing problems associated with moisture intrusion and mold growth in the built environment.

The goals of the conference are to (1) highlight the latest discoveries and developments related to moisture and mold from a variety of disciplines, and (2) provide a forum for discussing how this information can be incorporated into practical applications, including standardized methods.

For more information, visit www.astm.org.

Publication date: 06/19/2006