A new line of evaporative cooler pumps can be used to replace the company’s existing CP series as well as other pump models, the company says. Labeled CP1 Series, CP2 Series, and CP3 Series, the new pumps are available in 115 and 230 volts. All are equipped with a mesh screen to prevent debris from entering the pump, low-level pickup, a broad base for increased stability, and a discharge adapter that locks into the base to prevent slipping during operation. Other features include a heavy-duty, concentric fan-cooled motor; corrosion-resistant, one-piece, steel motor shaft; 90-degree barbed elbow with bleed-off port; moisture-proof windings; and oversized sleeve bearings with a large oil reservoir. All models have a snap-off volute for cleaning, flame-retardant housing, and thermal overload protection.

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