Purafil, Inc. (Doraville, GA) maintained a well-manned and -womaned staff at its Superbowl Celebration party Sunday evening at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel. From left to right are: (top) Chris Muller, manager of gas technology; David Nicholas, vice president, sales and marketing; Kathy Nix, regional manager (U.S.); David Jackson, product manager; Brad Stanley, technical manager; Jim Mash, vice president, sales; Kevin Jameson, director of operations; (bottom) Chris Moon, regional manager (U.S.); Hoshi Daruwalla, regional manager (Asia Pacific); Meredith Christiansen, and communications manager;.

The big game is on at Purafil’s Superbowl Celebration, as customers watch the teams play in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, site of one of the company’s recent applications – providing clean recirculation air to the stadium’s luxury suites.