The AccuCleanâ„¢ electronic air cleaner (EAC) removes up to 99.98 percent of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. The field charger has a lattice of large holes through which all system air and airborne particles pass. Centered in each opening is an ion-emitting needle. Each needle creates a cone-shaped, 24-V electric field, which delivers a strong, consistent charge throughout the opening. The patented intense field dielectric collection system is a densely packed grid of smooth-sided, rectangular cells that create a surface area seven times greater than other EACs, claims the company. By using a proprietary dielectric material, the EAC dissipates the particle charge slowly, leaving room for additional charged particles to be collected. The layers of cells are 0.08 inches apart, yet have the opposite charge, creating a stronger collection field. Customers can clean the EAC grid with a vacuum or hose two to four times each year. A light on the front of the panel indicates when cleaning is needed.

American Standard, Tyler, TX 75711;

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