AirPac's Coolit 3300 portable air conditioner.
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Carrier Corp. was represented at the recent International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition by one of its subsidiaries,HVAC Portable Systems, Inc.(Houston, TX). HPSI was on hand to provide attendees the lowdown regarding its temporary portable temperature control and power generation systems.

According to Daniel Fitzpatrick, regional technical support, “Carrier purchased us in 1997.”

HPSI is somewhat unique in that it supplies rental equipment for temperature control and electrical power requirements.

HPSI’s customers include companies that require temporary rental equipment for heavy and light industrial manufacturing, commercial buildings, colleges and universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and special events.

“We are fully aware that any equipment downtime equals lost profits and/or uncomfortable working conditions,” he said. “For this reason, our emergency hvac portable solutions can be operational within 24 hours or less.”

For example, a university wanted temporary comfort cooling at its June graduation ceremony. HPSI was called in to provide enough cooling capacity to keep the temperature at about 75 degrees F inside a hot gymnasium. The HPSI team went to work and developed a system that used 600 tons of air-cooled chillers, 140,000 cfm of air handlers, 1.5 MW of power generators with auxiliary duct, hose and cable, etc. The installation began on a Saturday for the Thursday ceremony. By Monday, all the equipment was off site.

Spot Coolers (Boca Raton, FL) offered portable air conditioning and heating. Its product line includes air-cooled, water-cooled, split systems, and specialty portables from 0.5 to 25 tons. Delivery and installation is provided by 23 nationwide stocking facilities.

AirPac (Front Royal, VA) presented its Coolit3000 Series of portable air conditioners. AirPac’s exclusive flange/clamp and integral retractable expandable condenser air discharge kit, complete with a ceiling panel, is included in three models. With the integral duct system, there is no need to attach duct at the jobsite, said the company.

Develcorp Enterprise (Don Mills, ON, Canada) displayed its OnKool post portable air conditioner. According to the company, the unit has a built-in water pump motor in the subwater tank; the motor pumps the dehumidified water from the unit’s subwater tank to the condenser coils.

MovinCool/Denso Sales California (Long Beach, CA) had one of the larger booths. At its inception, MovinCool was created to keep its own factory employees cool. The company said the rugged design of its Classic Series reflects the harsh, abusive industrial environments the original MovinCool products have survived in for over two decades. It now manufactures portable air-conditioning designed specifically for computer and office environments that require lower room temperatures.

Publication date: 02/04/2002