BELLE FOUCHE, SD — DeMarco Energy Systems of America, Inc., based in Austin, TX, has delivered the balance of units to be installed at the Bell Fouche Community Center based here. “This installation demonstrates the versatility of our system in a building with a variety of functions,” said Victor M. DeMarco, president of DeMarco Energy Systems. “By directing energy around the building to places where needed, some units may be in the heating mode while others can be in the cooling mode. This process is an inherent feature of the patented DeMarco System.”

The community center has received delivery of the final 15 units that will be used to heat and cool the auditorium, gymnasium, weight room, racquetball courts, as well as the 25-meter swimming pool. According to DeMarco Energy Systems, during the shoulder months, the heat from the building will be moved into the pool, providing free heat. Also, all the rooms have the ability to change from heating to cooling, independent from the rest of the building. The system utilizes the municipal water system as its heat source and heat sink. The company says that by using the municipal water in this fashion, its patented technology brings the cost of installation of geothermal heat pumps back in line with the costs of standard air-source heating and cooling systems, while saving on energy.

Publication date: 12/03/2001