ATLANTA, GA - With the ever-accelerating pace of new technology, technical innovation seems to be almost a daily occurrence in the hvacr industry. Announcements about advancements flow regularly to The News, and a lot of that new technology is being put on display at the AHR Expo here.

To help you in finding the hottest heating products and the coolest air conditioning and refrigeration products, the following is a compendium of selected hvacr products and technologies that you can check out on the show floor.

Publication date: 01/29/2001


Phoenix DataComm, Inc. From Phoenix DataComm, Inc. (Norristown, PA) comes the Sentri™, a remote monitoring and control system for the hvacr industry. It consists of a DataComm1000™ communications device that connects to a variety of industry standard sensors to monitor and control such equipment as package units, chillers, cooling towers, heat pumps, gas furnaces, etc.

The system monitors, tracks, controls, and receives critical data such as temperature and operational status. The data is sent through two-way wireless data networks to a network operations center, which makes it immediately accessible to customers, says the company. From their desktop, using an Internet browser, customers can access a customized, secure website to view, monitor, and control their equipment, the company says.


Stulz of North America, Inc. Stulz of North America, Inc. (Frederick, MD) is exhibiting its Modular Line and Mini-Space precision air conditioning systems which are designed for telecommunications facilities, computer rooms, medical labs, and other areas requiring precise environmental control, the company says. Energy-efficient ultrasonic humidification systems will also be displayed.


Tecumseh Products Co. Tecumseh Products Co. (Tecumseh, MI) is introducing its new Vector Series, which the company calls the latest evolution of the reciprocating compressor. The technology, which has been steadily improved over the past 25 years, is “now in a radically new form,” says the manufacturer, “at a price that will significantly lower applied unit cost.”


Estimation, Inc. Estimation, Inc. (Linthicum Heights, MD) is demonstrating its Bidmaster NET® Series computerized estimating system and Purchase Master NET Series materials management software system. The advanced NET Series software is now fully web-enabled.

The software can also be integrated with the TradePower™ digital marketplace for real-time pricing and availability online, the company says.

“Estimation has embraced the future of e-commerce by making our software TradePower-enabled. Hvac contractors can more powerfully streamline estimating and purchasing processes by accessing information in real-time over the Internet,” says Alan Mech, president.


BuildNet, Inc. BuildNet, Inc. (Research Triangle Park, NC) is introducing BuildNet Express, a wireless-enabled, web-based ASP (application service provider) for project management, collaboration, procurement, and bid management.

With this product, projects can be managed from the field, says the company, as updates from a RIM Blackberry pager, a Palm VII personal digital assistant, and a Nextel phone produce changes in real-time in the master schedule and the schedules of any other contractor or subcontractor who has access to the web.

The e-procurement capabilities give all participants, whether at the jobsite or in the office, the ability to buy online from BuildNet-enabled suppliers. Users do not need to buy any software, the company says. They only need access to a web browser and an Internet connection.


Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric (Lawrenceville, GA) has added 30 new straight-cooling and heat pump systems to its Mr. Slim split-ductless product line, with new high-efficiency condensing units operating at up to 12 SEER, says the company. The new PG(H) Series models are available in wall-mount, ceiling-suspended, and ceiling-cassette configurations in Btuh capacities ranging from 18,000 to 42,000.

In comparison to most ducted air conditioning add-on projects, these ductless units offer a cost-efficient option for small to large residential and commercial applications, the company says. Featuring quiet, efficient operation, consumers have access to a wide range of split-type ductless products with more than 70 Mr. Slim systems, says the manufacturer.


INDEECO INDEECO (St. Louis, MO) offers a new electric unit heater for commercial and industrial applications. The heaters range in size from 3 through 38 kW. Single- or three-phase power is available in 208, 240 or 480 V, depending on the kW rating.

The design features stainless steel finned tubular heating elements for durability, and an outlet grille with field-adjustable horizontal louvers to better direct airflow, says the company. A full-face inlet grille meets OSHA requirements. Units can be ceiling- or wall-mounted with a bracket that enables the heater to be rotated in a full 180-degree arc, the company says.

A single-point electrical hook-up allows the heater, fan motor, and controls to all be connected to the same branch circuit, the manufacturer says.


Greenheck New mixed-flow inline fans, from Greenheck (Schofield, WI), have been designed to incorporate the primary advantages of both conventional axial and centrifugal fans, says the company. Characteristics include greater pressure capabilities than an axial fan, but higher airflow than a centrifugal; additional benefits include high efficiencies and low sound levels for sound critical applications, the company says.

Test results show the mixed flow fan to be one of the quietest inline fans in the industry, claims the manufacturer. Construction features include a universal mounting system for horizontal or inline mounting in space-restricted areas. All fans are licensed to bear the AMCA sound and air seal.


Air Rover, Inc. and Stiles Industrial A line of water-source heat pumps using environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant is being shown by Air Rover, Inc. (Tyler, TX). The units feature the ability to discharge evaporator air in five different configurations: up, down, left, right, and end. The heat pumps are available in sizes from 1/2 through 10 tons in vertical and horizontal configurations.

Stiles Industrial (Tyler, TX), a division of Air Rover, will be showcasing its new line of environmentally friendly water-source heat pumps that use R-410A refrigerant, a new line of portable water-source heat pumps, and a new line of accessory packages.

The new 2- to 10-ton water-source heat pump line offers six field-convertible configurations, high-efficiency scroll compressors, easy service access to all internal components, and is ARI certified for boiler/tower and geothermal applications, says the company.

A full line of portable water-source heat pumps has also been developed to complement Air Rover’s portable air conditioner line.


Nortec Industries Inc. The NH Series resistive element humidifiers, manufactured by Nortec Industries Inc. (Ogdensburg, NY), are for applications where precise humidity control is essential, the company says. Stainless steel heating elements used in conjunction with the solid-state relays and internal controller system with the NHDI provide rapid control with minimum deviation up to ±0.5% rh, says the manufacturer.

Designed for operation with demineralized or reverse osmosis water, the unit can control relative humidity with a variable steam output of 0 to 100%. Its nickel-chromium steel cylinder allows for a controlled, even flow of fresh water to the system as required, says the company.


Bryan Steam, LLC, Honeywell, and Weil-McLain A new series of Compliance+® ultra-low NOX boilers is being introduced at the booth of Bryan Steam, LLC (Peru, IN). The company is also featuring a new UL-listed AB Series combination gas/oil-fired steam boiler, a new compact boiler feed system, condensate transfer station, and vertical tray-type boiler feedwater deaerator.

The Compliance+ boilers are designed to meet the more stringent nitrogen oxide emissions standards in many states. These forced-draft, gas-fired steam and hot water boilers provide high-level combustion efficiency while holding nitrogen oxide emissions to less than 15 ppm with minimal induced flue gas recirculation, says the company.

Honeywell (Minneapolis, MN) is exhibiting a complete line of burner-boiler controls. Highlights include FlameNet, which gives web access to commercial and industrial burner-boiler controls; ControLinks™ fuel air control system, whose linkageless design performs to 0.1 degree accuracy; and valve train solutions that are code approved, leak tested, and ready to install, says the manufacturer.

Also offered is the 7800 Series burner control; ModBus networking module, a solution for integrating burner controls with industrial automation or building automation systems; and products to solve unique application needs, the company says.

Weil-McLain (Michigan City, IN) is featuring commercial and residential cast iron boilers, as well as indirect-fired water heaters, pool heaters, heat exchangers, QB residential oil burners, hydronic baseboard, and radiant heating products. A mock-up boiler room/rec room display will show how the company’s product lines complement each other for total comfort heating, says the manufacturer.


Abatement Technologies, Inc., Breathe Easy, Inc., Dynaforce, General Filters, Inc., International Environmental Corp., Mars Air Doors, Research Products Corp., and Steril-Aire, Inc. Abatement Technologies, Inc. (Duluth, GA) offers the CAP1200-UVP model from its line of central air purifiers. The motorized unit, with HEPA filtration, is designed for larger residences and light commercial applications with hvac systems of 4 to 10 tons.

The product features the UV Plus microbial control system to control bacteria and viruses while impairing the growth of molds and fungi, says the manufacturer. It also neutralizes VOCs, unpleasant household odors, and tobacco byproducts, the company says. An ozone-free UV model is also available.

The IC Cam video inspection system, from Breathe Easy, Inc. (Carrollton, TX), is designed for such applications as air duct cleaning and hvac equipment inspection. The flexibility of the system allows users to diagnose problems faster with less dismantling of equipment, says the company. The 11/8-in.-dia camera is small enough to fit in the tightest spaces, the company says.

Dynaforce, a division of Mars Air Systems (Gardena, CA), offers a complete line of air curtains. Models are available in unheated and heated designs, and can be customized to meet specific needs and/or requirements. On display is an array of products from commercial models for customer entrance doors to heavy industrial models built to accommodate large loading dock doors.

General Filters, Inc. (Novi, MI) is showing its GENERALAire-brand media air cleaners and activated carbon air purifiers. Designed for residential use, the units provide excellent indoor air quality using inexpensive, passive technology, says the company.

The air cleaners, with a large surface area of high-capacity microfiber media, remove particulate contaminant as small as 0.01 microns. The AC-1, for systems up to 2,000 cfm, and the AC-4, for up to 1,400 cfm, feature high particle-holding capacities to capture pollen, dust, mold, smoke particles, etc.

Using almost 41/2 lbs of high-capacity activated carbon, the air purifiers remove the gaseous contaminants and noxious odors that particulate air cleaners leave behind, the company says. The AC-2 model may be used with the AC-1 or any air cleaner. The AC-3 combines air cleaning and air purifying in a single cabinet.

The UV UltraShield™ from International Environmental Corp. (IEC; Oklahoma City, OK), with its patent-pending UV plastic tube, is designed to safely and effectively eliminate virtually all growth of mold, mildew, and other microbial buildup at the point of contact, says the manufacturer. Developed to be inexpensive and easy to install, the plastic tube is also shatter-resistant, making it safer to handle and operate than conventional UV lamps, the company says.

Mars Air Doors, a division of Mars Air Systems (Gardena, CA), is introducing an electrically heated version of its Whispurr Air Series air curtains. The product features an ultra slim profile design, and a variable-speed motor switch provides precise control of air velocities, says the company.

The low sound levels of these units, accompanied with the option of electric heat, makes these air curtains suitable for customer entrances of all types, says the manufacturer.

Research Products Corp. (Madison, WI) offers the recently introduced Aprilaire electronic air cleaner, Model 5000. Its patented design combines the benefits of an electronic and a media air cleaner into one state-of-the-art device, says the manufacturer. It’s 94% efficient at removing particles as small as 0.35 microns, making it one of the most efficient whole-house air cleaners on the market, the company asserts.

Steril-Aire, Inc. (Cerritos, CA) is showing its new Twist-Lock™ UVC Emitter™ designed for side-access installation in commercial hvac systems, where access to the plenum is difficult or restricted.

Using the Twist-Lock style plug at each fixture end, up to six units can be physically and electrically connected, forming a string of emitters that conveniently slides in and out of an air handler, the company says.

The emitter’s high output prevents microbial growth and destroys surface and airborne microorganisms that grow in and circulate through hvac systems, delivering cleaner, healthier, and fresher-smelling indoor air, says the manufacturer.


Redi/Controls Inc. and SWEP NA Inc. The SavAll™ refrigerant charge protection system for centrifugal chillers prevents catastrophic refrigerant loss due to chiller over-pressurization, says manufacturer Redi/Controls Inc. (Greenwood, IN).

The system provides automatic transfer of liquid refrigerant from the evaporator of a centrifugal chiller to a safe storage vessel for temporary containment in the event of an evaporator over-pressurization condition. Once the condition subsides, or is restored to normal, the liquid refrigerant automatically returns to the evaporator.

As a secondary function, the system serves as a permanent on-line refrigerant storage vessel for use during chiller servicing or repair.

The DV line of heat exchangers, from SWEP NA Inc. (Duluth, GA), is said to be the first compact brazed exchangers designed for two refrigerant circuits and a common water circuit. Even if one refrigerant circuit is shut off, the water channels are still in contact with refrigerant. This means full heat transfer efficiency even at part load, says the company.

With this design it is possible to reduce the size of a conventional shell-and-tube heat exchanger, and the amount of refrigerant charge, by as much as 85%, the company says.

Two new DV models provide a wider range of capacities. The DV 47 is designed for cooling capacities up to 25 tons per circuit, or a total of 50 tons. The DV 57 is optimized for capacities up to 45 tons per circuit, or 90 tons cooling capacity.


INFICON Inc., Regin HVAC Products, Inc., Sealed Unit Parts Co., Spectronics Corp., and WIKA Instrument Corp. TEK-Mate is a low-cost refrigerant leak detector, from INFICON Inc. (East Syracuse, NY), sensitive to all types of CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs, says the company.

The unit features the heated-diode electrochemical sensor technology originally introduced with the D-TEK. The sensor automatically adjusts to any refrigerant and is thus equally sensitive to R-22 and R-134a, the company says. Any airborne refrigerant activates an audible alarm which changes frequency with the strength of the signal.

The company will also show the Whisper™ ultrasonic leak detector, which allows the user to check for pressure and vacuum leaks where other sniffer-style leak detectors can’t go, says the manufacturer. With its internal noise control circuitry, the technician can operate the detector in high-noise environments, and its ergonomic design provides the convenience of one-hand operation, states the company.

Regin HVAC Products, Inc. (Shelton, CT) is displaying its line of Orange-Colored Smoke Emitters for leak detection of all high-, medium-, and low-pressure ductwork systems as well as pipelines, heat exchangers, tanks, etc.

An orange-colored marking pinpoints the spot of the leak, the company says. The product is available in four sizes from 40-sec up to 4-min burning time for all applications. It has a shelf life of three years.

The new SL200C temperature data logger, from Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc. (Allenwood, NJ), records up to 2,048 temperature points between -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C), says the company. It has programmable temperature alarm thresholds, is tamper resistant, and offers pushbutton or PC recording control and real-time status indication, the company says. The user can view data summaries or graphs and text simultaneously using the Windows software included.

The company’s VG64 digital vacuum gauge accurately measures vacuum from 12,000 microns to 0, says the manufacturer. You can display vacuum in seven international, user-selectable units for up to 35 continuous hours. Features include auto power off, easy access cleaning port, and built-in hanger, the firm says.

The cordless, battery-powered Spectroline® TITAN® Stinger® flashlight, from Spectronics Corp. (Westbury, NY), uses patented UV/Blue™ filter lens technology and a Xenon bulb to deliver up to 10 times more leak detection light, says the company. As a result, fluorescent leak detection dyes glow brighter to more quickly pinpoint air conditioning and fluid leaks, the company says.

The flashlight is only 73¼8-in. long, making it easier to find leaks in tight areas, says the manufacturer. Its inspection range is up to 12 in. Technicians get 3 to 4 hrs of intermittent inspection time between charges. The light also features an adjustable-focus beam, and comes with a 120-vac charger.

WIKA Instrument Corp. (Lawrenceville, GA) is introducing its new OC-1 pressure transmitters and transducers for oem applications. The product features a monolithic ceramic diaphragm for long service life, integral temperature compensation circuitry for improved performance, metal housing, and an accuracy of 0.50% BFSL, says the company. It is available in ranges from 30 to 6,000 psi, with current or voltage signal outputs.


ABB Automation Inc., Drives & Power Products Group ABB Automation Inc., Drives & Power Products Group (New Berlin, WI) will show off its new side-by-side electronic bypass/drive, designed for air-handling units and pumping packages.

Available in a plenum-rated NEMA 1 or 12 enclosure, integrated with the company’s ACH 400 adjustable-speed ac drives, the two-contactor bypass features both a service switch that disconnects the drive for service (while the motor runs in bypass), and a main disconnect switch or circuit breaker. The side-by-side unit is wall mounted, providing easy access and serviceability, says the company.


ARES, Buffalo Air Handling Co., Environmental Technologies, Inc., and The Trane Company ARES, a division of Mars Air Systems (Gardena, CA), is exhibiting its commercial and light industrial makeup air units. Among the offerings are an indirect-fired, electric, and hydronic line with capacities to 1,200 MBh and 16,000 cfm. These packaged units can be assembled also with DX or chilled water coils, evaporative cooling, and a fresh air/return air mixing box, says the company.

The indirect-fired heating sections feature power venting, with stainless steel heat exchangers standard. The direct-fired line comes in capacities to 2,300 MBh and 22,000 cfm.

Buffalo Air Handling Co. (Amherst, VA) is displaying its Big Buffalo, Model K, and BA2000 air-handling units. Features include a triple-sloped drain pan for complete condensate removal; full-height and full-width diffuser for lower pressure drop and horsepower savings; and coil racks for individual coil removal to provide ease of maintenance, the company says.

The exhibit will include a 20,000-cfm unit with a cutaway section showing standard construction features and optional items.

Environmental Technologies, Inc. (Enviro-Tec; Largo, FL) is exhibiting its full line of fancoil units, including the new Model VH vertical high-rise unit. With a removable drain pan, quick access to components, and excellent acoustic performance, the VH is suited for the high-rise hotel and residential markets, says the company.

The Trane Company (La Crosse, WI) is announcing the introduction of an all-new line of 2 to 10 ton light commercial packaged rooftops. The new Precedent™ line will be available in the first quarter of 2001.

The line will feature a sleek exterior with a compact cabinet, rounded corners, and beveled top, says the company. Some of the features and options include the choice of electromechanical or microprocessor controls, convertible airflow, more heating and indoor fan options, and a new patent-pending coil design, the company says.

The new line is suitable for either new construction or the replacement market.


AirPac, Inc. The COOLIT 3000 from AirPac, Inc. (Front Royal, VA) is a new, self-contained, portable air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 27,800 Btuh and a low sound level rating of 58 dB, says the company.

The product is designed with a patent-pending flange/clamp and integral retractable/expandable condenser air distribution system that is complete with ceiling panel. This system provides for fast, efficient setup by not having to store/transport duct separately and by not having to attach the duct to the air conditioner and ceiling panel as with other units, the company says.


CFC Refimax LLC CFC Refimax LLC (Marietta, GA) is featuring its transportable RPS recovery/reclamation unit. This proprietary technology enables the firm’s EPA-certified technicians to perform high-speed recovery/reclamation; on-site reclamation; and system cleaning including flushing, air removal, water removal, and dehydration of large-tonnage chillers, says the company.


CFC Refimax LLC, Refron, Inc., Virginia KMP Corp. Worthington Cylinder Corp. CFC Refimax LLC (Marietta, GA) is exhibiting its R-416A refrigerant, an EPA/Snap-approved R-12 substitute. It is a low glide, low odp, low gwp, ASHRAE-approved refrigerant for stationary hvacr, chiller, and mobile applications, the company says. R-416A is UL classified and is safety rated A1/A1. It is compatible with MO, AB, and POE oils.

Refron, Inc. (Long Island City, NY) says it has been supplying its Refron-brand refrigerants, including all alternatives, coast to coast since the end of CFC production. Five consecutive years with a 100% pass rate on ARI’s random purity testing ensures high-quality product, says the company. The firm also offers refrigerant management options such as buy-back, banking, clean-up, exchange, etc.

A new biodegradable system flushing fluid, EMKARATE RL Opti-Flush, is being offered by

Virginia KMP Corp. (Dallas, TX). The fluid quickly and effectively flushes the refrigeration system after a burnout or in preparation for a refrigerant retrofit, the company says. Based on optimized ester technology, the product is compatible with all lubricants, refrigerants, and system components, and will not damage the system if not removed entirely, says the manufacturer.

Worthington Cylinder Corp. (Columbus, OH) is displaying its complete line of refillable, non-refillable, and refrigerant recovery cylinders. Refillable cylinders (DOT, TC) include sizes from 30 lb (13.6 kg) through 1,000 lb (454 kg) and up to 400 psig (27.6 bar) service pressure for commercial, industrial, residential, and automotive applications.

DOT 39 non-refillables (DOT, TC) come in four sizes from 7.5 in./15 lb. (190.5 mm/6.8 kg) through 12 in./50 lb. (304.8mm/22.7 kg) with non-refillable CGA 165 or 167 valves. Each cylinder is shipped in a carton with top access for easy in-carton filling and use, says the company. A TRG specification non-refillable meeting ADR/RID transportation requirements for Europe is available in two sizes.

Refrigerant recovery cylinders (DOT, TC) come in six sizes from 26.2 lb (6.2 kg) through 1,000 lb (454 kg) for CFC, HCFC, and HFC recovered refrigerants.


Econofrost The new Econofrost (Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada) insulating night covers for refrigerated display cases enhance efficiency while saving supermarkets up to 50% of energy costs, says the company.

The aluminum heat reflective thermal shields provide energy savings for supermarkets’ fresh produce cases, meat, dairy, floral, and other open refrigerated displays. Using the insulating night covers, supermarkets gain substantial reductions in compressor energy use and permit heating systems to maintain store temperature at lower cost, the company says.

The product features a patented 99%-pure woven aluminum fabric which is bonded with PVC for strength. In addition, to avoid oxidation, a transparent film is applied over the aluminum, and then the back is coated with a fire retardant. Finally, says the firm, the fabric is punched with a pattern of holes which allow it to breathe and avoid excessive condensation.


Cooline America Corp. Cooline America Corp. (Miami, FL) offers a recently introduced room air conditioner in cool only and cool/electric heat models. Features include a multi-filter system with anti-bacterial and carbon filters for improved air quality, the company says. Auto air sweep supplies motorized louvers for even air distribution, says the company.

The slide-out chassis eases maintenance, and the push-to-open front grille provides easy filter access, the manufacturer says.


Setra Systems, Inc., Kavlico, Hansen Technologies, ONICON’s, and Omron Setra Systems, Inc. (Boxborough, MA) is offering a new series of transducers and transmitters. According to the manufacturer, the Model 265 Series transducers are well-suited for static pressure and air velocity control, fan tracking, cleanroom and isolation ward pressurization, terminal box control, furnace control, and medical instrumentation applications. The unit can also be configured with a choice of voltage output, and it is temperature compensated to less than 0.033% FS/°F of thermal error for operation from 0° to 150°.

The company is also introducing its Model 267MR low-differential pressure transducer, designed for energy management systems, vav and fan control, and static duct and cleanroom pressures. Ideal for customers who need to configure on the fly, says the company, it offers up to six different pressure ranges in each transducer, reducing inventory from 20 single range units to only four.

The P4000 pressure sensor from Kavlico (Moorpark, CA) is now available in a smaller, more compact design for increased mounting flexibility. The sensor incorporates MEMS technology into an all-welded, stainless steel package capable of surviving continued exposure in the harshest of environments, says the manufacturer. The company says the P4000 is ideal for refrigerant applications (compressors, refrigerant recovery, refrigerant transportation) as well as other hydraulic applications. The sensors are available in pressure ranges of 0-100 through 0-8,000 psi absolute or sealed gauge. The unit is designed to have high overpressure capability and to withstand the pressure fluctuations and vibrations of hydraulic equipment.

Hansen Technologies (Burr Ridge, IL) is displaying its single-point level sensors and switches; these units are meant to accurately detect the presence of refrigerants at a specific point in refrigerant vessels, intercoolers, packaged chillers, and other applications. Previously available only for ammonia refrigerant, models are now available for halocarbon refrigerants including R-22, R-134a, R-404A, and R-507. They can be used to control pumps and solenoid valves, operate low- and high-level alarms, or provide a signal to plant computers for level monitoring and control. There are no moving parts in the probe to break, jam, or fail, says the company.

ONICON’s (Clearwater, FL) System-1 Btu meter is intended to provide unmatched accuracy and reliability for hydronic energy measurement applications. Individually calibrated outputs for supply and return temperatures, flow rate, energy rate, and totalized energy provide the accurate information needed for monitoring and control in central energy plants, campus chilled water and hot water loops, and energy cost allocation (tenant billing) applications, says the company. Standard features include precision-matched, solid-state temperature sensors; patented insertion turbine flow measurement technology; and individual system-wide calibration of each Btu measurement system directly traceable to NIST with certifications.

Omron (Schaumburg, IL) says its new G5Q Power PCB relay is small in size and has high-temperature and switching ratings. The relay is rated UL F, with an ambient temperature rating of 105°C maximum, making it ideal for high-temperature applications like ovens, says the company. High isolation from coil to contact is intended to protect circuits from voltage spikes, such as a lightning strike. The G5Q is intended for the security, appliance, and hvac industries. It may be used in ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances to control such loads as fans, lights, and solenoids.


Danfoss, Therm-O-Disc, Inc., Viconics Electronics Inc., and Wirsbo Company Danfoss (Baltimore, MD) is to feature at its booth its 8000 Series of electronic, programmable, seven-day heat/cool thermostats. They are multistage and are designed for use in both conventional heat/cool and heat pump applications, says the company. The range offers all the expected features plus several levels of tamperproof security, and an easy-to-use daylight savings time change feature is also included, reports the company.

The new Silicon Temperature Control (STC), from Therm-O-Disc, Inc. (Mansfield, OH), is a cost-efficient electronic thermostat designed for integrated temperature sensing and switching with greater reliability and better accuracy, says the manufacturer.

While bimetal technology allows for limited adjustability, the STC enables the open and close temperature to be adjusted independently by changing the value of a single resistor, the company says. Accuracies of ±1°C are achieved without the additional cost of sorting sensors, says the company.

Viconics Electronics Inc. (St. Leonard, PQ, Canada) is introducing a new line of programmable and nonprogrammable electronic thermostats that it calls user-friendly. Featuring simple, menu-driven operation, the product can be easily programmed by choosing the preconfigured user profiles that are stored in the thermostat’s memory, says the manufacturer.

Other features include EEPROM memory, auto changeover, and remote indoor/outdoor sensor capability. Multi-stage and heat pump versions are available.

Wirsbo Company (Apple Valley, MN), a manufacturer of radiant floor heating, has launched two new thermostats for use with Wirsbo radiant floor heating systems. These radiant thermostats may be installed using either five Wirsbo MVA’s or eight Wirsbo thermal actuators. Unlike most thermostats, these do not require a switch to change modes from heat to off to cooling, requiring only pressing the red or blue button to change modes.


Dodge Engineering & Controls, Refrigeration Research, Inc., SMD Research, Inc., and Sporlan Valve Co. Dodge Engineering & Controls (Chelmsford, MA) is pleased to introduce its Generation II RE Series industrial actuator. The RE offers built-in, current-limited actuation from 150 to 7,500 in.-lbs, says the company. The product features adjustable torque with speed control, NEMA 4-type enclosure, optically isolated inputs, and is available in 12vdc, 24vac, 120vac, and 230vac. In addition, the actuator is fused with a standard, knife-blade automotive fuse and has integral LED lights for easy diagnostics, and each size is 100% duty-cycle rated, according to the manufacturer.

Refrigeration Research, Inc. (Brighton, MI) is displaying its line of suction accumulators, including its non-drip, condensate- and frost-free suction accumulator, the company says. This unique design combines three components into one to save space, and with over three times the heat exchange surface, it can also improve efficiency, says the manufacturer.

According to the company, it provides a better alternative to insulation which can absorb moisture and actually encourage corrosion.

SMD Research, Inc. (Boca Raton, FL) is introducing the Safe-T-Switch™, which detects downstream clogs in primary condensate drains and interrupts the thermostat circuit to shut off the condenser or entire unit before flooding occurs, says the company. While the switch will function as an auxiliary pan switch, its intended use is in the primary line for new or existing units without safety pans.

For customers with safety pans, it protects the electrical components inside the air handler by stopping the unit before flooding reaches the safety pan, the company says.

The switch installs in drain lines and pan outlets up to 1 1/4-in., level or at any downward slope. It is UL listed to comply with most applicable building codes.

The Catch-All filter-drier is featured at the booth of Sporlan Valve Co. (Washington, MO). The capabilities of its core, and other features, are tailored to current system design. As contaminant removal requirements have changed with the use of alternative refrigerants and lubricants, the manufacturer says, so has the product.

According to the company, the Catch-All offers excellent water capacity, acid capacity, and filtration, and the molded core is designed to eliminate desiccant attrition.


Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. (Cleveland, OH) offers a new solution to control over-conditioned areas in commercial applications. The AloneZone™ allows airflow to be controlled to those areas that have unique conditioning requirements. The system uses low-pressure air to actuate dampers, thus offering reliability, noise reduction, and simple installation, says the manufacturer.

Applications include computer rooms, interior office spaces, or areas where over-conditioning is an issue.

Publication date: 01/29/2001