The DVP-12 gas detection and ventilation control panel is designed to control ventilation fans and actuate an alarm based on the concentration of the specified gas. The panel accepts up to 12 inputs from any combination of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide (for diesel exhaust fumes), or combustible gas detectors, the company says. Applications include boiler room leak detection and vehicle maintenance facility, warehouse/ factory, and parking facility ventilation control. Features include two 10-A SPDT fan control relays; one 5-A SPDT alarm relay; single- or dual-zone operation; internal digital display that shows system status, sensor status, and setup information; programmable time delays; and fail-safe operation.

Macurco Gas Detectors, Attn: Richard Cullwell, 3946 S. Mariposa St., Englewood, CO 80110; 303-781-4062; 303-761-6640 (fax); (website).

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