“We work with a fine industry. I cannot think of one which gives more solid service to humanity, nor one of which I had rather be a member.”
— ARI 1962 President, Russell Gray
Carrier Air Conditioning Company

“Our industry is improving. It has tremendous growth potential and should have an excellent future.”
— ARI 1963 President, L.N. Hunter
Crane Company

“I believe we have the opportunity to create for our industry an image in the public mind that could be as attractive, if not more so, than any industry in our economy.”
— ARI 1965 President, Joseph B. Elliott
York Corporation

“Some misinformed people have gone so far as to advocate the shutting off of air conditioning to save energy. I feel our industry will continue to grow in the face of such adversity and, a decade from now, we’ll all look back to what we then referred to as the lean years of the early 70s.”
— ARI 1974 President, William C. Yocum,
Superior Valve Company

“ARI begins it’s 27th year with confidence … confidence in ARI’s professional staff, confidence that ARI and the industry as a whole is changing with the demands of the times, and confidence that ARI will remain a vital force in the industry in the years to come.”
— ARI 1979 Chairman, Robert Wright Jr.
E. I. duPont de Nemours

“In the 1980s, ARI is going to more aggressively lead the industry. ARI is going to identify the problem areas early, prioritize them at a policy level and maximize our efforts on the most important issues.”
— ARI 1980 Chairman, Fred Manget
York Division of Borg-Warner

“It is both a privilege and a pleasure to serve this industry and to play a role in the work ARI is carrying out.”
“A healthy trade association is not something you pay for once and have forever; it’s like an insurance policy, and you have to keep paying the premiums.”
— ARI 1983 Chairman. Matthew O. Diggs
Copeland Corporation

“The effectiveness of our strong performance standards, and our strong certification programs is widely recognized by the industry and by the government. We have an excellent statistics program that is second to none and has stood the test of protecting confidentiality on more than one occasion.”
— ARI 1985 Chairman, George Kerckhove
The Trane Company

“I am tremendously honored to be chairman of this association which has provided so much useful service to its members. The first and most important thing ARI did for our industry was to bring order and integrity to our marketplace through the certification programs that were instituted many years ago.”
— ARI 1986 Chairman, John W. Norris, Jr.
Lennox Industries Inc.

“ARI, our association, reflects our tradition and heritage as it should. ARI works because we all make it work. Solutions for the challenges will not just happen. In this new and uncertain future, once again, we must call upon each of our members to continue that heritage of commitment and cooperation to assure that our horizon remains bright.”
— ARI 1987 Chairman, Richard T. Heglin
Tecumseh Products Company

“I don’t believe there is any organization in the world that competes so fiercely in the marketplace, yet joins together so cooperatively in an effort to improve the industry as a whole.”
— ARI 1989 Chairman, Richard C. Barnett
York International

“It is the people of the industry, who through their dedication to quality and innovation, are responsible for this extraordinarily successful year. But a good year should only encourage us to do better...In the years ahead we must come together as an industry to find a better way to position ourselves as the consumer’s choice for discretionary spending - because we have the best value products.”
— ARI 1994 Chairman, Donald L. Flamm
Honeywell Inc.

“Make no mistake about what is happening out there. The old protected economic enclaves that once respected national and hemispheric borders are being blown away by globalization of markets.”
—ARI 1998 Chairman, Todd W. Herrick
Tecumseh Products Company

“With shared goals and common efforts, we can look forward to another great year of improving our industry for the well being of our customers.”
— ARI 1999 Chairman, Robert E.G. Ractliffe

“We need balanced solutions for society and HFCs will be a valuable long-term solution in improving the way people live around the world.”
— ARI 2000-2001 Chairman, Gary L. Tapella
Rheem Manufacturing Company

“Thanks to many dedicated men and women at research, manufacturing, distribution, installation and service facilities throughout the world, this industry is well positioned to begin serving the needs of billions more people in the years to come.”
— ARI 2001-2002 Chairman Daniel W. Holmes Jr.
Morrison Products

Publication date: 11/11/2002