Mueller's ice slurry technology.
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Ice-making technology had a far more limited presence at the 2002 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) than at trade shows sponsored by FMI, NRA, and IKK. But there was a certain European flair in Atlantic City at the booth of at least a couple of exhibitors in the sector.

At the booth of the French company Glenglace, ice was made inside a stationary cylinder. It was harvested by means a helicoidal reamer. A pump carried the water from the base to the upper water tray. Water ran continuously on the cold surface where it was frozen. The refrigerant evaporated inside the double wall and froze the water. The reamer, driven by a motor, swept the surface while rotating. It caused the ice to crack and break off. In the area where the ice was harvested, the water did not flow, ensuring that the ice produced was moisture free.

Stateside, the Springfield, MO company Mueller offered the MaximICE™ ice slurry system. It is a thermal storage system that consists of a plate heat exchanger, a thermal storage tank, an energy-efficient scroll condensing unit, a pump, and an evaporator. Also highlighted was the Avalanche® ice harvester for commercial/ industrial cooling.

Howe (Chicago, IL) showed machines that make anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 lbs of flaked ice in 24 hrs. Booth officials said they were trying to make contact with specifying engineers and installing contractors who might want to include such equipment as part of specifications for office or institutional buildings.

As part of the attention to ice machines, Highside Chemicals (Gulfport, MS) showed a product called IceMax, a cleaner in a powder form. The package prevents liquid spills, according to the company.

AK Coatings (Middletown, OH) used the show to promote its AgION™ anti-microbial coating, an inorganic material whose active ingredient is ionic silver. Encapsulated silver ions are released to the surface to suppress the growth of microbes. Among equipment where the product can be used is icemakers.

Publication date: 02/11/2002