The company says its new, modular LOGO! device can reduce costs and offers greater flexibility in planning and modifications, says the manufacturer. Two modular designs are available; both support 12 vac/vdc, 24 vac/vdc, and 115/230 vac/vdc, the company says. Both designs come equipped with LOGO! Soft Comfort V. 3.0 software, compatible with Windows95, MAC, Linux, and other operating systems. The modular design is extendable to up to 40 inputs and outputs. A variety of modules are available, including one for extending digital inputs and outputs, one for extending analog inputs and outputs, and three communications modules to connect to AS-Interface, LON, and Konnex (EIB) networks.

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., 1000 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4513; 847-215-1000; 847-215-1093 (fax); (website).

eProduct #185

Publication date: 10/29/2001