The AirShelter line is designed to protect occupants of commercial and public buildings from the risk of airborne contaminants. It uses HEPA-filtered air to create contained, positive-pressured environments that isolate occupants from airborne contaminants and biological threats, the manufacturer states. It includes ceiling and floor-mounted HEPA filtration systems that use the Astrocel® II HEPA filter, with associated monitoring and control equipment, for contained spaces. According to the manufacturer, the combination of positive-pressure ventilation and HEPA filtration virtually eliminates the introduction of airborne pathogens in contained spaces, providing a filtration greater than 99.97% on 1- to 5-micron particles. For larger areas, the Bag-in/Bag-Out (BIBO) systems that contain HEPA filters are available and can be customized to add gas-phased protection using activated carbon or other adsorption technology.

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