ARLINGTON, VA — Improving comfort and energy efficiency through energy recovery ventilation (ERV) is the topic of the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute’s (ARI’s) latest consumer brochure.

The brochure explains how ERV reduces peak demand, increases system efficiency, and improves humidity control. ERV uses an air-to-air heat exchanger to recover space-conditioning energy from exhaust air, and then uses that energy to pre-condition the outside air before it enters the building or hvac system.

“An ERV system works in all weather conditions,” said Dave Pflum, chairman of ARI’s Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment Product Section. “In winter, the air-to-air heat exchanger is warmed by the exhaust air as it passes over the heat exchanger surface. In turn, the ventilation air is heated by the warmer heat exchange surfaces on its way into the building from outside.

“In summer, the air-to-air heat exchanger is cooled by the exhausted air that has already been cooled to comfort conditions. Ventilation air is then cooled before it enters the building.”

The ERV brochure is available from ARI for 30 cents per copy with minimum orders of 50. One copy is free to consumers sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to ARI, 4301 North Fairfax Drive, No. 425, Arlington, VA 22203. The brochure and the certified products directory may be viewed online at (website).

Publication date: 02/18/2002