Siemens Building Technologies introduced the SED2 family of variable-frequency drives.
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — There were plenty of drives on display at the 2002 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) here. There was no shortage of motors and pumps, either.

Danfoss Graham (Milwaukee, WI), a supplier of adjustable-frequency drives, announced that it guarantees a 15% to 25% reduction in hvac energy costs for buildings that retrofit equipment with its drive solutions. New energy audit software shows building owners how much energy they can save by adding drives to existing equipment.

Paul Beck, western regional sales manager, said that the Danfoss VLT 6000 drive provides from 10% to full power. “You don’t need to derate motors and lose service factor,” which shortens motor life. Harmonic filters are built in.

Siemens Building Technologies Inc. (Buffalo Grove, IL) introduced a family of variable-frequency drives called SED2. The units provide a compact design through six frame sizes in power ranges from 1 to 125 hp. The new design is said to reduce harmonics, and it accepts a variety of digital and analog input and output types, including NI-1000 temperature sensor level inputs.

Hvac10® drives from Invensys Drive Systems (Charlotte, NC) are called an energy-saving line of variable-torque ac drives for the hvac industry. The drives provide a wide range of available horsepower — from 1 to 600 hp — and are said to be especially well-suited for air-handling units, cooling tower systems, and chilled-water pumping systems.

The NEMA Type 3R enclosure for GPD 506/P5 ac drives from Yaskawa is for applications where indoor mounting is not suitable.
ABB(New Berlin, WI) has added more features to its side-by-side electronic bypass/drive, designed for fitting into air-handling units and pumping packages. Available in a plenum-rated NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosure, the two-contactor bypass features both a service switch that disconnects the drive for service, and a main disconnect switch or circuit breaker. The unit is wall mounted for easy access and serviceability, says the company.

The new NEMA Type 3R enclosure for Yaskawa Electric (New Berlin, WI) GPD 506/P5 ac drives is intended for applications where a suitable indoor mounting location cannot be found. The enclosure is freestanding, self contained, and heat resistant. The GPD 506/P5 is also available in a 600-V rating.

The company’s new E7 ac drive is for building automation system applications such as air handlers, cooling towers, and pumps. The unit features built-in network communications for Johnson Controls’ Metasys N2 and Siemens’ Apogee P1, as well as optional interfaces for other common hvac protocols.

Joseph Twohill, building automation manager for Yaskawa, shows the new E7 ac drive.
Anacon Systems(Austin, TX) introduced the EagleDrive™ Series of variable-frequency drives, for variable-speed control of both single- and three-phase ac induction motors. The company says simple programming and an integrated infrared link combine to minimize the overall applied cost of the drive system.

The Toshiba (Houston, TX) S9 Series adjustable-speed drive features True Torque Control (TTC™) which, says the company, combines maximum starting torque with precise speed control, making the unit an advantageous replacement for high-maintenance equipment, such as dc drives, reversing starters, and clutches.

Clint Andrews, segment business specialist, hvac, at Grundfos, shows the company's VersaFlo Series circulators and a retrofitted hot water recirculation system.
Invensys Motor Systems(Chesterfield, MO) showed three versions of its High Intelligence Application (HIA) systems: Fasco standard electronic drives, Fasco mini-HIA electronic drives, and Fasco extended-voltage HIA drives. These systems feature a state-of-the-art digital signal processor and space-vector modulation.

Baldor (Fort Smith, AR) featured a variety of products, including its Series 15V/15H variable-torque-duty inverters, Hvac ASD/Bypass control panel, digital soft-start controls, commercial motors, Super-E® premium-efficiency motors, and three-phase line and load reactors. The firm also displayed its Pow’R Gard electric generators to provide the power for its motors and drives.

Anacon Systems debuted the EagleDrive Series of variable-frequency drives.
The microMAX™ is a line of low-horsepower ac inverter-duty motors fromMarathon Electric(Wausau, WI). The drives are designed to be direct replacements for permanent magnet dc (PMDC) units. Available from stock in 1¼4 to 3 hp, these C-face motors use the same mounting configuration as their PMDC counterparts.

The company says laboratory tests indicate improved performance, both in constant-torque-speed range as well as peak-torque capability.

GE Industrial Systems (Salem, VA) offered the Surion motor starter line, rated from 0.1 to 63 amps in two frame widths, 45 and 55 mm. The starter provides motor protection for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors to 50 hp at 575 vac.

New-and-improved large condensate pumps were on display at the Beckett (Irving, TX) booth. Features include a molded plastic design for more efficient and quieter operation; a built-in safety switch; replaceable check valve; and 1-gal tank capacity.

Beckett showed new-and-improved large condensate pumps.
McDonnell & Miller, a unit of ITT Industries(Chicago, IL), has enhanced its Series PS-800 conductance-style, low-water cut-off boiler controls. The microprocessor-based controls are said to provide contractors and installers with easy-to-understand troubleshooting diagnostics, to ensure proper installation and reduce installation time.

The company also showed its Series 750B, a new line of conductance-activated level controls for commercial-industrial steam and hot water boilers.

Grundfos (Olathe, KS) launched its small- and mid-size UP pumps and large VersaFlo™ UPS pumps with high head and high flow features. The three new pumps expand the company’s line of wet rotor circulators.

The firm also introduced the Comfort Series Instant Hot Water System, a retrofitted hot water recirculation system that offers instant hot water and savings to owners of existing homes.

The Synthesis intelligent pump controller from Unico, Inc. (St. Louis, MO) is said to simplify pumping systems by integrating essential motor, logic, and control functions into a single, economical unit. It provides efficient control and comprehensive protection of the pumping system.

Cambridge-Lee Industries (Reading, PA) offered its linesets for field connecting split-system air conditioners and heat pumps. The company says everything required is in a single box — tube cutters, insulation knives, and rolls of tape are not needed.

Publication date: 02/04/2002