Freezer and refrigeration technologies continue to change in a wide range of ways, from mechanical and electrical designs to the controls and energy efficiencies to the places such units are used. Units are now in such sectors as convenience stores, food distribution, grocery stores, restaurants, and many other locations. Units range from display merchandisers to walk-in coolers and freezers to 10,000-sq-ft refrigerated warehouses.


More and more convenience stores are installing “grab and go” merchandisers to effectively show and store products in smaller places. As the role of convenience stores has changed over time, one popular type of freezer is for ice cream merchandising. Available with standard flat glass lids or curved glass lids, these units are available in a number of sizes to fit sales space. An ice cream dipping/display merchandiser, with a stainless steel serving deck, provides a showcase for “hard pack” ice cream. A number of optional accessories, including frost shields and can holders, are also available.

Another trend is toward single-duty cases that cater to the expanding needs of delis, convenience stores, and other applicable markets. They are available in both high- and low-profile versions.


In selecting such units, contractors who recommend and service equipment should be sure the manufacturer is able to provide technical assistance. Ease of installation is another consideration, as is the availability and interchangeability of components.

Contractors should consider units with tubing connections and electrical wiring that can be traced through the circuit. Following these clear pathways, the installer can have a system operating very quickly, saving time and money.

One company that has been involved in this sector for some 60 years is Master-Bilt of New Albany, MS. Among some of the company’s projects are:

  • Dillon Provisions of Dillon, SC, was able to meet expanding warehouse freezer needs by adding panels and refrigeration systems to an existing structure.
  • Saver’s Cost Plus, a grocery store in Irving, TX, installed an open-air rear load merchandiser. As a result of this installation, the store saved energy and increased retail merchandising space by approximately 75%.
  • Hall has been working in the refrigeration industry for 25 years. For more information on Master-Bilt, contact Karen Caviness at 800-647-1284 or (e-mail).

    Sidebar: New Technology Enters Market

    Enersyst Development Center, a Dallas-based property developer and strategic marketer for food-related industries, has signed an agreement with FOODesign to license Enersyst’s Cryojet™ technology for applications in industrial food service equipment.

    Cryojet cooling devices use air impingement to cool products up to eight times faster than conventional cooling methods, according to the manufacturer. Jets of air are said to improve heat transfer while maintaining product quality. The devices can be used in room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen applications by utilizing the ambient air temperature to cool products.

    Publication date: 12/03/2001