QUEBEC CITY - The Quebec government recently released a summary of the Quebec Energy Strategy 2006-2015.

The energy strategy has six objectives:

1. Quebec must strengthen its energy supply security.

2. Quebec must make better use of energy as a lever for economic development. Priority is given to hydroelectricity, wind energy potential, hydrocarbon reserves, and the diversification of natural gas supplies.

3. Local and regional communities and First Nations must be given more say.

4. Quebec must use energy more efficiently.

5. Quebec must become a leader in the sustainable development field.

6. Electricity rates must be set at a level that promotes Quebec's interests and ensures proper management of resources, thus improving price signals while protecting consumers and Quebec's industrial structure.

To meet these objectives, the energy strategy is expressed in terms of orientations and priority actions determined for hydroelectricity, wind energy, energy efficiency, new energy technologies, and hydrocarbons. The actions proposed by the government will, between now and 2015, increase the overall energy efficiency target which will allow for $2.5 billion in annual savings by consumers and a significant contribution to the prevention of climate change, by eventually avoiding 9.4 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. This will be a first step in a more general climate change strategy to be released later by the government.

For a copy of the Quebec Energy report, contact Sabrina Tai at 800-267-2231, ext. 222.

Publication date: 06/12/2006