SAN ANTONIO, TX — A Petland franchise store has installed an innovative hvac system, designed for ease of cleaning and elimination of pet odor. Mechanical contractor Services Unlimited of San Antonio separated the main sales floor shopping area with two independent hvac systems.

The systems, including two 15-ton York rooftop air conditioners, are also designed with a “generous” exhaust system in the pet area. Both systems introduce the mandatory 15 cfm/person of outside air to the supply air. In addition, a fabric duct air distribution system by FabricAirÒ helps to keep the store odor-free.

The staff can disassemble and reinstall the ductwork, meaning that it can be cleaned annually at a commercial dry cleaner. According to FabricAir, this new ductwork will “not only help eliminate odors, but also save thousands of dollars in annual maintenance costs vs. conventional duct cleaning costs.”

Publication date: 09/24/2001