Solpower Corp. of Phoenix, AZ, has announced that its refrigerant SP34E has entered the U.S. market.

According to the manufacturer, the product is an HFC that is a “near drop-in replacement for R-12 in mineral oil-based refrigerant applications.”

The refrigerant “lowers conversion costs by eliminating costly component changes and oil flushing of the system and does not require major system modifications,” according to the company. The product is said to have similar operating pressures and temperatures as R-134a. The company said SP34E is 98.5% R-134a with trace additives designed to allow its use with mineral oil, whereas the general rule of thumb in the industry is the use of POE oils with an HFC. Distribution in the U.S. is through EVTC, Inc., whose refrigerant division is Full Circle and its service and sales are identified as Nth Degree. The refrigerant previously received EPA approval through the Significant New Alternative Policy program.

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Publication date: 10/15/2001