Ekonomik 03 is an electrical boiler that can be used to heat houses, apartments, greenhouses, and other buildings. The room temperature is regulated by the thermostat, which can immediately turn off the boiler when the temperature reaches a certain level, the company says. In contrast to boilers that operate on other fuel sources, this monophase electrical boiler doesn’t pollute the air with soot, ashes, or other harmful substances, states the manufacturer. The boiler can heat up to 80 sq meters or 175 cu meters, says the company, depending on the installation, the quantity of water in the system, and other factors. For heating a larger space, it is possible to connect more boilers in parallel.

Ekoterm, D. Milovanovica Bene 66, 34000 Kragujevac, Srbija, Yugoslavia; 38134-337080; 38134-365111 (fax); ekoterm@verat.net (e-mail); www.ekoterm.co.yu (website).

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