A DOE initiative hopes to accelerate the development of an advanced solid-oxide fuel cell module.

The 10-year, three-part program will take advantage of the many recent developments in solid-oxide fuel cell technology. The primary emphasis will be to drive down the cost of the fuel cell system, enabling its broad commercial application. The three-year cost goal is $800 per kilowatt. The final cost goal is $400 per kilowatt (kW) by 2010.

The NETL, in partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will advance the development of this low-cost, 5-kW module targeted at stationary, transportation, and military applications.

For more information, contact Wayne Surdoval of the NETL at 412-386-6002; wayne.surdoval@netl. doe.gov (e-mail).

Publication date: 10/09/2000