SIDNEY, OH — Copeland Corp. announced the production of its 500,000th Scroll™ compressor with the HFC refrigerant R-410A.

“This is more than a manufacturing milestone for Copeland,” said Scott Barbour, executive vice president of the company’s Air Conditioning Division. “Reaching one-half million R-410A scroll compressors in the marketplace is a strong indicator of the refrigerant’s proven performance.” Barbour went on to note Copeland’s market data indicates that R-410A products are the fastest growing segment in residential air conditioning.

“Our preseason sales for R-410A compressors have increased 104% over 2001, more than double the volume that was ordered this time last year. We fully expect this trend to continue as the industry moves closer to an R-22 replacement in 2010,” Barbour said.

Copeland regularly monitors the residential installation base in order to note HFC conversion trends. Current data suggest that R-410A will represent over 30% of the market by 2006, according to the company.

In the six years since the first scroll compressors were installed with R-410A, Copeland gathered performance data from the field which it claims supports the following:

  • Field results have shown that R-410A units with Copeland Scroll compressors offer nearly 30% lower failure rates vs. existing R-22 units.

  • R-410A units can reach the industry’s highest efficiency levels. This high efficiency, coupled with R-410A’s low global warming rating, results in an overall better environmental choice for residential a/c applications.

  • R-410A scrolls typically operate several decibels quieter than comparable R-22 models.

  • An independent study reported that four out of five contractors prefer to sell R-410A over -22 systems. The top two reasons cited for this preference were “an easier sale” and “more profitable.”

  • Despite early concerns with applying HFC refrigerants and POE lubricants, no significant issues have been reported with R-410A systems or with Copeland’s R-410A compressors.

    “Based on our experience and testing to date, we believe R-410A is the best long-term solution for air conditioning systems,” said Ken Monnier, vice president of engineering for Copeland’s Air Conditioning Division. “When paired with proven scroll technology, the refrigerant’s performance is further enhanced in the areas of energy efficiency, reliability, sound, and capacity modulation.”

    For more information, visit Copeland’s “R-410A Knowledge Site” at

    Publication date: 06/03/2002