A new, expanded interchange temperature tolerance has been added to the company’s NTC thermistor line. The -CE NTC thermistor tolerance defines an interchangeable temperature tolerance to ± 0.2 degrees C from -20 to 100 degrees C. “Interchangeable” means that the NTC thermistor can be installed or replaced without further calibration, says the manufacturer. The -CE tolerance is available in standard R25 values of 2,252; 3,000; 5,000; and 10,000. The -CE is offered in five NTC thermistor styles: T101 (30 AWG uninsulated leads, phenolic), T111 (28 AWG, uninsulated, phenolic), T102 (30 AWG uninsulated leads, epoxy), T112 (28 AWG uninsulated, epoxy), and T232 (30 AWG Teflon insulated, epoxy).

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