A fairly new entry in the interim refrigerant market contains the largest percentage yet of R-22 and is said to have a rather wide range of aftermarket applications. R-411C (a.k.a. G2018C and HCFC-411C) contains 95.5% R-22 and small percentages of R-1270 (propylene) and R-152 (an HFC refrigerant).

Most interim refrigerants have R-22 in the range of 30% to 60% of the composition. The R-411 series upped the ante, starting with R-411A at 87.5% R-22 and R-411B with 95% R-22.

R-411C comes to the United States from China. One supplier is Greencool Washington of Beltsville, MD, which is building a base of independent representatives to offer its refrigerant line to contractors.

The obvious question concerning R-411C: If it is almost 96% R-22, why not just use readily available R-22?

Greencool’s Steve Santoro said R-411C is better than R-22 in many applications, especially those in which R-22 is used beyond its originally intended range, such as in low-temperature commercial refrigeration.

He said the use of R-1270 in the R-411C compound helps minimize filming on the inside surface of coils. The use of R-152a makes the refrigerant a lighter compound than R-22.

Santoro said those advantages help justify a per pound cost of R-411C that is 21¼2 times that of R-22.

HCFC-411C is also listed as an alternative to two HFCs, 404A and 407C, in low-temperature applications. However, several manufacturers of equipment using those HFCs noted that if such units were still under manufacturer warranty, the use of another refrigerant would void the warranty.

Santoro stressed the need to consult with the supplier of any interim refrigerant regarding the refrigerant’s properties and system charge.

For more information, contact Greencool at 8000 Virginia Manor Road, Suite 180, Beltsville, MD 20705 or call 800-666-2002.

Publication date: 04/02/2001