GLENDALE HEIGHTS, IL — Munters Moisture Control Services (MMCS), headquartered here, introduces the MDS 2250 desiccant dehumidifier, a compact version of its successful MDS 4500 unit that is designed to provide fast and efficient drying in water-damaged buildings, short-term industrial applications, and special events.

The new unit features a unique frame and panel design integrating sound attenuation, filtration, and multiple regeneration options into a single system.

“The MDSA 2250 allows us to customize industrial dehumidification tasks to meet the specific needs of each client. Now with seven sizes of dehumidifiers in the fleet, the MDS 2250 complements our ability to act immediately and provide optimum solutions in an environment that relies heavily on fast action and highest quality service,” said Lauren Reid, vice president and general manager of MMCS.