ATLANTA, GA — A new company, Varidigm Corp., based in Fort Collins, CO, launched itself as an integrated systems supplier for the industry at the AHR Expo, held here recently.

According to Chuck Kovac, ceo of Varidigm, “We are the first and only company to make variable output applications simple and affordable for residential equipment, such as forced-air gas furnaces and air conditioning units, and for commercial equipment, such as fancoil units, fan-powered vav terminals, small air-handling units, geothermal heat pumps, air-to-air heat pumps, and other air-handling systems.”

A spin-off of the Gas Research Institute (GRI), the company says it is set to commercialize the results of 10 years of research and development culminating in 20 patents garnered at the institute.

The company features a triad of product families, centering on variable-speed electrical motors and controllers; premix burners; and closed-loop combustion controls.

“Each of these technologies provides hvac manufacturers significant opportunities to advance the depth and breadth of their current product offerings,” said Kovac. “At the same time, they reduce product inventory costs.”

Kovac said that hvac equipment designs using Varidigm’s closed-loop combustion control system can benefit from a new level of combustion performance that exceeds that of single- or dual-firing rate and partially modulating systems with today’s “in-shot” burners. Varidigm has set its sights on capturing a substantial portion of the motors applied in hvac air-moving applications and establishing global distribution systems.

For more information, visit (website) or call 970-207-9341.

Publication date: 04/09/2001