MANCHESTER, NH - Teletrol Systems Inc. has received an Industrial Design Excellence “Silver” Award in the Business and Industrial Equipment category for its eBuilding network controller for building automation. The product was also featured among the “Best Product Designs of 2000” in the June 12 issue ofBusiness Weekmagazine.

The Industrial Design Excellence Awards are judged by the Industrial Designers Society of America and are sponsored by Business Week. The eBuilding product was listed in the awards under its project name, Concentric.

Teletrol won the award for advanced ergonomic design and for forward-thinking implementation of emerging technologies in a facility automation system.

Running on Microsoft’s Windows® CE operating system and offering full BACnet® compliance, the controller communicates directly over Internet-ready 10/100 TCP/IP Ethernet local area and enterprise-wide networks.

The unit presents system information, power consumption data, equipment alarms, and schedules of hvac systems and other equipment using a standard web page format. This allows property managers to view and interact with building systems from any PC located anywhere, using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser.

The controller also makes it possible to interface with other existing systems in the building, creating a web browser/BACnet gateway for installed legacy systems.