First there was one-hour dry cleaning, followed by 30-minute guaranteed pizza delivery, and on-the-spot instant credit approval. Consumers have been clamoring for products and services that reflect their demanding lifestyles — it seems people need everything in a hurry.

Well, get ready for another entrant in the “gotta have it now” field — one-hour air conditioning and heating service.

The new concept, fittingly called, “One-Hour Air Condition-ing and Heating” is the brainchild of Jim Abrams and Alan Hardwick, et al, of Ven Vest Inc., St. Louis, MO. Ven Vest is the parent company of hvacr notables Airtime 500 and Indoor Air Quality.

The concept is still a few months from its initial kickoff, but One-Hour is releasing some information to whet the appetites of curious hvacr contractors. When One-Hour does roll out, it will only be available to Airtime 500 member contractors.

The new concept is the result of a lot of study and investment by Ven Vest.

“We are putting together a service company that will compete on a national scale,” added Hardwick, president of One-Hour. “We have figured out a formula for providing one-hour service [to accommodate a customer’s schedule].”

One-Hour has also registered two catchy phrases to support the service. These trademarked slogans are: On time every time™ and On time or we fix it for free.™

Hardwick added, “We have the opportunity to partner with Airtime 500 contractors to better service their customers.”

For more information on One-Hour, contact Alan Hardwick at Ahardwick@VenVestInc .com (website).

Publication date: 09/18/2000