CALGARY, AB, Canada — BW Technologies Ltd., a Canadian manufacturer of gas detection equipment, has developed and brought to market a new instrument to measure efficiency and provide detailed combustion analysis of furnaces for the hvac market.

Heating Replacement Parts and Controls (HRPC) of England placed an order for 1,200 gas probes with BW Europe, representing a $700,000 order for BW. Delivery of the first 500 instruments is scheduled for Nov. 1, 2000. An 85 million pounds sterling company and a division of 6 billion pounds sterling Wolseley Group, HRPC provides equipment to hvac service technicians through 100 branches throughout the United Kingdom.

Potentially harmful emissions of carbon monoxide in the flue gases of domestic boilers are monitored whenever boilers are replaced or repaired and maximizing the efficiency of the boiler reduces heating bills, BW points out.

The company’s Gas Probe provides electronic measurements of carbon monoxide, oxygen, and flue gas temperature. The portable analyzer automatically calculates the percentage of carbon dioxide, efficiency, and doubles as a pressure manometer measuring differential pressure. The other instruments BW manufactures for the hvac industry are oem carbon monoxide probes for Fluke Corp., the CO-210 and the CO-220.

Publication date: 10/23/2000