LOS ANGELES, CA — The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) has an offer which every hvac contractor working in the L.A. area should look into.

Licensed contractors in the L.A. area are invited to begin applying for certification to allow them to sell and install energy-efficiency measures for the city of Los Angeles homeowners under DWP’s new EfficiencyWise program.

Contractor certification comes from the League of California Homeowners (LCH), a non-profit, public benefit corporation that provides homeowners with a central information resource pertaining to home remodeling and financing. Once certified, contractors will become eligible to handle EfficiencyWise projects, and can receive LCH referrals requested by homeowners interested in home improvement work.

The new EfficiencyWise program covers selected permanently installed residential energy-efficiency upgrades, ranging from new furnaces and central air, to windows and doors, to solar rooftops, and much more. Participating homeowners receive competitively priced unsecured financing of up to $20,000 for upgrades, which can help contractors overcome the sales barrier of the higher initial cost of energy-efficient home features and appliances.

DWP’s EfficiencyWise program is backed by lender Fannie Mae and administered by financing company Volt VIEWtech.

Contractors interested in obtaining more information on certification requirements, plus the certification application, should contact Volt VIEWtech at 877-995-2397.

The EfficiencyWise program also can work in conjunction with the DWP’s hvac equipment incentive offer. Contractors interested in this program should call 800-473-3652.

Publication date: 01/15/2001