The IntelliCon product line.

WANTAGH, NY — Intellidyne, LLC, has announced the introduction of its IntelliCon economizers, which includes five products designed to reduce energy consumption by 15% and decrease burner cycling by 30%, says the company. The devices are installed on new or existing, residential or commercial, central air/hot water/refrigeration systems. Residential products include:

  • Central air conditioner electric consumption economizer, designed to operate central air conditioning units at peak efficiency; and
  • Hot water heating system fuel economizer, engineered to reduce the cost of hydronic heating.
  • According to the company, payback periods are as short as 12 months, with no programming or maintenance required.

    The commercial line includes:

  • Commercial hot water heating economizer, designed to reduce the cost of heating large commercial installations;
  • Light commercial hot water heating system fuel economizer, designed to reduce cost of heating smaller commercial installations; and
  • Commercial refrigeration unit electrical economizer, engineered for supermarket and large commercial refrigeration units.
  • The company says that commercial payback periods can be as short as four months, again with no programming or maintenance required.

    Brookhaven National Laboratories, Atlantic Research Laboratories, and ETL/Inchcape Laboratories have all validated the products, says the manufacturer. Validations have also been performed by major utility companies, including Con Edison and Brooklyn Union. And the products are UL approved.

    For more information, call 516-679-0227.

    Publication date: 06/25/2001