LOS ANGLES, CA — Dozens of fires across California in recent months have been linked to furnaces manufactured by Consolidated Industries, according to the Los Angles Times. In addition, the paper reports that many homeowners in California have been left alarmed and confused in the wake of the federal government’s warning on unsafe attic furnaces.

However, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) spokesman Russ Radar said that gas utilities have responded to the call by turning off the supply and “red tagging” hundreds of Consolidated furnaces that do not pose any risk.

According to Radar, the confusion intensified following the CPSC’s instructions to red-tag furnaces engraved with an “X” following the model number. It has now emerged that a number of furnace distributors changed the model numbers, leading inspectors to overlook some unsafe models.

The CPSC, which first alerted consumers to the danger, is negotiating to get Consolidated distributors to fund the recall.