DALLAS, TX — Danfoss Inc. rolled out an extensive range of products during the IAHR Expo here.

Noteworthy was an expansion of scroll compressor production in the United States. The company announced the opening of a 130,000-sq-ft plant in Lawrenceville, GA, for scroll compressor manufacturing in North America, said to be able to produce 80,000 compressors a year.

Also announced was a 13-ton, R-22 model added to the company’s line of Performer scroll compressors, giving the company models ranging from 7 to 15 tons.


Control technology also received attention. Danfoss Automatic Controls added type TRE expansion valves that can be used with R-22 and -410A. The valves have brass-forged bodies with bi-metal ODF connections for waterless brazing.

Type TC expansion valves were said to work with R-22, -134a, -404A, -507, and -410A. The stainless steel valves have air conditioning, transport cooling, and refrigeration applications.

Also debuting was the 8000 Series of electronic, programmable, seven-day heat-cool thermostats. They can be used in conventional heat-cool and heat pump applications for residential and commercial markets.

Electronic cold controls, first introduced in Europe last year, made their stateside debut at the Expo. The ETC products are said to control cabinet temperature directly with low energy consumption.

Motors, drives

The Danfoss Graham Division highlighted the FCM adjustable-speed motor that features adjustable-frequency drive and an induction motor in a single unit. The technology is supposed to eliminate concerns about motor-control capability.

The division also displayed what it described as its smallest adjustable-frequency drive, the VLT Micro, with applications from 1/2 to 2 hp at 208/230-V, single- or three-phase input, and 1 to 3 hp at 460 V.

Finally, the company introduced a line of motor soft-starters that it described as “smarter, simpler.”