Would you like to have a lush, green lawn year round? The Cleveland Browns would. In fact, with the recent installation of a turf conditioning system, they do.

The new turf conditioning system consists of nearly 40 miles of PEX pipe fed by nine boilers through 19 pumps; 1,600 ft of supply-return manifold header piping; 2,460 ft of distribution piping; and a controls system.

Designed to promote grass growth at the roots, the conditioning system is divided into four zones, each with 189 loops. Every supply and return circuit is exactly the same length to ensure even temperature distribution throughout the field.

“The goal of the turf conditioning system is to keep the field maintained at 60° to 65°F at the ‘root zone,’ located 10 inches below the surface,” according to Rehau Inc. design coordinator Patrick Sauer.

Several of the company’s radiant heating products, including “Ever-loc” cold expansion compression fittings and “Railfix” pipe installation track, are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

“Both of these products were crucial to our completing the project prior to the start of the NFL season,” said Sauer. “The Railfix has built-in grooves with clearly-marked measurements, making it easy to install the pipe at whatever spacing the job calls for.”