MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Integrated Process Technologies (IPT) has selected the new web-enabled Honeywell Atrium™ data-mining application and related services for 1,300 retail stores for which the company provides maintenance and hvac services.

Atrium is the first Internet-based service for facility managers that collects data from diverse building applications and sources and brings it all together for trending, analysis, benchmarking, and more informed decision making.

Paul Ablack, vice president of Honeywell Atrium services, said, “The Atrium service provides a wealth of intelligence that the facility manager and Honeywell can use to benchmark performance, identify trends, and pursue substantive opportunities for operational improvements.”

For information on Honeywell Atrium and the Honeywell comprehensive remote building monitoring services, contact Honewyll at 800-345-6770 ext. 9113 (phone); or www.honeywell.com (website).

Publication date: 09/11/2000