SANTA ANA, CA — When you service mission-critical organizations, time is of the essence. Just ask Bryan Gilbert, vice president and general manager at Process Heating and Cooling, based here.

“Every second the operation is down could potentially cost them thousands of dollars. They want information and they want it fast,” said Gilbert.

It’s the main reason the innovative hvacr service contractor recently installed wireless mobile and dispatch software to speed response time and increase access to information to support its large telecommunications and commercial customers. In this case, Gilbert turned to FieldCentrix, based in Irvine, CA.

“FieldCentrix allows us to better service these on-demand customers by providing our dispatchers and technicians with real-time, instant access to all the information and details they need to respond quickly and efficiently,” said Gilbert.

Besides the quick access to information, FieldCentrix’s integration to Maxwell’s The American Contractor® accounting software was a big factor in the decision to go with the system.

“The integration to American Contractor means we don’t have to waste time re-keying information from the field service system to the accounting and payroll system,” said Gilbert. “The information is more accurate and we now bill customers daily and process payroll in about an hour. None of the other wireless solutions we looked at provided this seamless integration.”

According to Gilbert, Process Cooling has doubled the amount of recommended repair quotes generated in a month and he expects to see increased revenues from that very soon. He has also been able to directly attribute the landing of a large new maintenance account to the company’s use of the new system.

Currently, eight service technicians are using the FieldCentrix solution. Plans are underway to expand the system to include the installation technicians as well.

The contractor purchased their system from Lake Forest, CA-based RSD Total Control, under the FX Central™ application service provider (ASP) program. RSD Total Control has 50 offices throughout the U.S.

“RSD has been reselling FieldCentrix ASP products for a year now and has been an excellent representative for FieldCentrix,” said Judy Johnson, senior vice president of marketing for FieldCentrix. “Their experience and reputation in the industry continues to attract quality contractors like Process Cooling and Heating and bring them into the FieldCentrix fold.”

FX Central allows customers to deploy field force automation software quickly, at a fixed monthly fee, by outsourcing the application management of software. FX Central offers customers the benefits of FieldCentrix Enterprise, including gaining a competitive advantage and increasing revenue, in a secure application environment. All the IT infrastructure necessary to support FieldCentrix Enterprise is provided, allowing customers to be up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Publication date: 02/11/2002