NEW YORK, NY — Click4Services. com, a new Internet search engine that allows consumers to locate, evaluate, and schedule service calls with neighborhood service businesses, announced that it is giving away $5 million worth of high-visibility listings to the first 10,000 service businesses that apply and qualify. says it provides a way for hvac contractors to attract new clients in their local area via the Internet, without being listed among thousands of competing businesses, and at a smaller cost than Yellow Pages and online directories.

When consumers enter a zip code at the Web site, they obtain information for local business members. Information includes the business’ affiliations, guarantees, experience, and service hours.

Consumers can also request references, print discount coupons, and learn about experiences that other consumers had with the business. They can also add their opinions about the service. Consumers will soon be able to schedule service appointments online.

According to the company, the system was developed to overcome major hurdles facing small business that market services on the Internet, such as:

  • The inability to attract potential clients within a business’ local trading area only;
  • The inability to make a business stand out from among the thousands of other similar businesses in online search engines and directories; and
  • The high cost of establishing an effective Internet presence.

“We intend to become the number one destination for consumers who want to arrange household services without resorting to calling a number of businesses ‘blind’ and hoping one will show up,” says Steven Brodsky, founder and ceo.

“On our site the neighborhood service business can reach the growing population of busy consumers who want to use the Internet to research and engage a local service professional. The portal allows a business to be the first search result in its category and geographic location. As a result, it levels the playing field for the local service provider.

“Best of all, the business does not even need a computer to take advantage of this powerful new marketing tool. We are providing exposure for local companies where they do business, as contrasted with other online directories and search engines, which often return tens of thousands or more listings that have little value for either the consumer or the business, and no meaning in a local market.

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