NEW YORK, NY — Philip Morris U.S.A. last week launched, an online resource for hospitality and hvac professionals who need to deal with public-place smoking.

The website is the cornerstone of the company’s Options initiative, which seeks to provide comfort and balance for both non-smokers and smokers in public places. The site provides hospitality business owners with information and services, including:

  • Customized ventilation assessments geared to specific businesses;
  • Information on ventilation principles;
  • Advice on how to design space within venues to accommodate nonsmokers and smokers; and
  • Free consultation with a ventilation engineer.
Hvac professionals can register on the site to qualify to be included in a referral service that links hvac experts with hospitality business owners. Hospitality professionals will be able to access the referral service via the website or through a toll-free hotline (800-643-7040).