DALLAS, TX — Contractors and service techs who needed product information at the Taco booth could use touch screen computers to get the sales pitch.

New software in the kiosks enabled visitors to disassemble and view virtual products in 360 degrees.

Among the company’s offerings was a new line of vertical in-line pumps, taking the hydraulic coverage to flows up to 2,500 gpm. For service convenience, the pumps feature a rear pullout design, and there’s no need to disconnect the pump from the piping system to work on it.

What the company calls the “contractor-friendly” PC board layout for its zone valve controls eliminates problems caused by incorrect wiring “and the unfinished look of conventional zone valve installation.”

The controls allow for expansion of up to 20 zones, and are fuse protected. External indicator lights simplify troubleshooting by showing full functionality of all products in the system, the company says.

Also displayed was its series of brazed-plate heat exchangers for commercial and industrial applications. The company claims they are up to 60% smaller and up to 80% lighter.