WASHINGTON - The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its Committee on the Environment have named the top 10 examples of sustainable architecture and green building design solutions for 2007. The efficient buildings draw on a variety of energy-saving technologies, including daylighting, passive solar heating, natural ventilation, thermal chimneys, night ventilation, under-floor air distribution, and green roofs, all incorporated into innovative designs.

Among the active systems for heating and cooling the buildings are a seawater cooling system, an evaporative cooling tower, a system exposed to the night sky for radiant cooling, a geothermal heat pump, and a radiant heating system powered by a solar thermal collector. Several of the buildings incorporate solar electric power systems.

The buildings range from a residential home to a large federal courthouse, although most are institutional buildings, including a library, two visitor centers, a middle school, and a research center. The AIA's top green projects program is co-sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Building Museum. The projects will be honored on May 3 during the AIA 2007 National Convention and Design Exposition in San Antonio.

To view the top 10 list, go to www.aiatopten.org/hpb/.

Publication date:04/30/2007